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Founded in 1998, Startrace has been developing and producing rim tapes for international bicycle brands and manufacturers since then. Startrace is the only rim tape manufacturer in Taiwan to implement Automated Production Line in production. Capacity and the length of rim tape are two main issues found in rim tape industry, with Startrace’s technology these problems can be solved easily. As a result, Startrace can provide rim tapes with stable quality and high capacity. The advantages of automated production line can therefore be transferred to the clients.


In addition to rim tape automated production line, Startrace is equipped with printing machines and packing machines. The completed process of rim tape manufacturing can be done in Startrace factory without scheduling and delivering the rim tape to other vendors.


Please write us to make enquiries and ask for samples if you are interested to know more.




Startrace developed automated rim tape printing machines. Customised logos can be printed according to requests.

Startrace developed automated rim tape producing machines to increase capacity and quality.

Automated rim tape packing machines to offer various packaging manners.

rim tape
rim tape
rim tape